Use Colors to Improve Safety for People with Low Vision


colorsOf all our senses, the one we seem to fear losing most is our vision. So much of our world is taken in by what we see around us. Being able to see well is also a safety issue. Reduced vision may make it harder to see obstacles and dangers as we navigate the world around us, both outside and in the home.

If you have a loved one who has reduced vision, colors and contrast in the home can allow for increased safety and independence. The rules to using color for safety are actually quite simple:

  • Generally, solid, bright colors such as red, orange and yellow are easiest to see because of their ability to reflect light.
  • Place light-colored objects against darker backgrounds. For example, a white sheet of paper is more visible against a brown desktop.
  • Place dark objects against lighter backgrounds. A dark chair will stand out better against white or cream colored walls.
  • When arranging objects and furniture around a room, keep in mind that certain colors are quite similar, and distinguishing them may be difficult. The most common groups that can cause a problem are:
  • Navy blue, brown and black
  • Blue, green and purple
  • Pink, yellow and pale green
  • Mark the leading edge of the first and last steps with bright paint or light-reflecting tape that contrasts with the background color of the flooring.
  • Use solid, brightly colored, and/or textured hallway runners to clearly define walking spaces.

Of course, before making any changes in the household of someone who is vision impaired, it is always important to keep that person’s feelings and wishes in mind. A person coping with vision loss may be battling a cacophony of fears, including a reduced sense of control over her life, fear of decreased independence, loss of privacy, and concern that others may view her differently. She may also feel overwhelmed or afraid of the future and reluctant to share her thoughts with others. Remaining sensitive to these fears rather than dismissing them will make a significant impact.

But there are ways to help those with vision impairments to stay as safe as possible, while maximizing their independence. Here at Heaven at Home Senior Care, our skilled senior caregivers provide in-home care services, such as companionship or transportation, as well as more advanced services, like Alzheimer’s care. Each member of our caregiving team undergoes a full background check and is screened, bonded and insured, so we can provide your loved one with the best in home care possible. Call us today at 866-381-0500 or fill out our web form to book your in-home assessment. We’ll find the right caregiver for you!