This Holiday Season, Plan the Perfectly Prepared Dallas Outing

The holidays are all about spending time with family—from the youngest newborn to the oldest great grandmother of the bunch. And this season, whether you’re meeting up for dinner, a party, or a group outing, it’s important to be prepared. Follow these tips from Heaven at Home to celebrate the togetherness of your Texas family, without the fuss.

Before you head out, you’ll need to decide on a holiday outing that older adults will enjoy and feel comfortable while doing. Based on their needs and abilities, you could take a leisurely family drive to look at Denton’s holiday light displays, or head back to your home to decorate the house as a family, attend a holiday party at a local senior center, or spend an evening enjoying your favorite community play.

Once you have a few ideas floating around, you’ll want to consider a few key elements before you make your outing choice. Consider the amount of walking involved and if there is parking nearby, think about whether the destination has hills or a lot of stairs to climb, and if there is wheelchair access, if that’s appropriate. Also, you’ll want to be sure there is cover from the elements; whether it’s windy, chilly or an unseasonably warm night—you’ll want to be prepared and comfortable.

After you’ve considered these concerns, it’s time to prep and pack for a wide range of possibilities. You’ll want to be sure you bring along all the medications needed and take an extended supply, just in case the outing lasts longer or takes an unexpected turn. Plan to have a few drinks and snacks in tow, in case of a delay. Be prepared for the elements, which means packing appropriate clothing, as well as sun and rain protection. Pack a supportive chair, if one will not be available on your outing, and know where the nearest toilet facilities are located.

Whatever senior-specific activities you participate in this holiday season, take things slow and create a relaxed environment to ensure your loved one is comfortable and happy. While visiting, take stock in how he or she is doing, and if any additional care is needed.

Ensuring older family members are happy and healthy is important to the caregivers at Heaven at Home in Denton, Texas. To learn how in-home care can help seniors lead a happier, healthier lifestyle, contact our team, and be sure to have a perfectly prepared holiday season.