The More You Know: Independent Hire vs. Home Care Agency

If you’re beginning to research in-home care for a loved one, you may have seen some ads online via caregiver registries or in the newspaper for caregivers for hire. Hiring a caregiver through a registry or through a newspaper advertisement can seem attractive because of the perceived lower hourly cost. However, it’s extremely important to understand the risks and liabilities involved before hiring an independent caregiver, including:

  • Because nursing registry agencies do not employ their caregivers, only acting as matchmakers assigning workers to clients and patients who need home care, the responsibilities of government-mandated taxes and worker’s compensation coverage usually fall on the client.
  • Because registries and companies who place private personnel do not actually employ their care providers, their in-home placements could pose a greater risk to seniors. The registry personnel do not supervise the in-home caregivers, and oftentimes the caregivers are not trained.
  • Unmonitored, unsupervised care means a greater chance that care providers can exert undue influence on a frail senior for personal financial gain, or the possibility of emotional or physical abuse.

A full service home care agency, like Heaven at Home of Denton, Texas, employs its own caregivers, which provides protection for seniors and their families. Caregivers are also bonded and insured, and the agency handles all of the accounting and bookwork, provides the supervision and discipline, carries the insurance and ensures shifts are covered.

Heaven at Home provides full service in-home care in Denton, Dallas, and the surrounding area. Quality, compassionate, secure home care is our guarantee. Contact us today to find out more.