The Dangerous Link Between Senior Loneliness and Depression and How Home Care Can Help

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senior loneliness and depressionOne of the greatest fears many of us have of aging is the thought of spending long, lonely days, isolated from those we love. And the reality is, as seniors age, the loss of family and friends, and perhaps also the ability to remain as active and mobile as they once were, can add up to deep feelings of loneliness.

The latest research shows that there’s even more reason to be concerned about senior isolation, revealing that seniors who suffer from loneliness and isolation have a 14 percent greater risk of premature death than those who remain socialized, and are twice as unhealthy as those struggling with obesity.

Since so many seniors report feeling lonely – as many as 20 to 40 percent – Heaven at Home Care believes it’s important that we as a society shift our focus to enhancing the lives of Texas seniors and doing all that we can to prevent isolation.

According to John Cacioppo, Professor of the University of Chicago Department of Psychology, “People are becoming more isolated, and this health problem is likely to grow.”

It’s important to note that preventing loneliness involves more than simply providing people for lonely seniors to interact with, although that is important. It is also a matter of reshaping their negative sense of self-worth and how others perceive them.

A caregiver in Denton, TX or the surrounding area from Heaven at Home Senior Care could be the answer to senior loneliness! Each member of our friendly, compassionate caregiving team is fully background-checked, screened, bonded and insured, and trained on the various facets of senior care. Our senior clients are carefully matched to the perfect caregiver for them, based on mutual interests, likes and dislikes, allowing for an almost instant bond like no other.

We’d love the opportunity to sit down with you and your family, get to know you a little better through our free in-home assessment, and come up with a personalized plan of care to enhance the life of a senior you love. Give us a call at your convenience at 866-381-0500 to get started!