Referring to Home Care Agencies vs. Independent Contractors

The hours immediately following a hospital discharge are a vulnerable time for patients, a time when they require personalized, professional care in order to avoid further health issues and possible hospital readmission. But who can you trust to provide the best care for your patients when referring to home care agencies vs independent contractors ?

When referring to home care agencies such as private pay home care services, it’s important to understand the differences between full service home care agencies, healthcare registries, and independent contractors.

Full Service Home Care Agency such as Heaven at Home

  • Screens and employs caregivers
  • Monitors and supervises care
  • Ensures shifts are covered
  • Covers government-mandated taxes and worker’s compensation for their employees
  • Takes care of accounting and bookwork

Nurse Registry/Healthcare Registry

  • Acts as “matchmaker” service, assigning workers to clients and patients who request home care
  • Transfers the responsibilities of managing and supervising the worker to the patient, a family member, or a family advisor or care manager
  • Transfers the responsibility for government-mandated taxes and worker’s compensation coverage to the consumer
  • Unmonitored, unsupervised care means a greater chance that care providers can exert undue influence on a frail person for personal financial gain, or the possibility of emotional or physical abuse

Private Hire/Independent Contractor

  • When a caregiver is hired privately as an independent contractor, the same risks associated with a nurse registry or healthcare registry are present:
  • Care is unmonitored and unsupervised
  • Government-mandated taxes and worker’s compensation coverage fall on the consumer
  • No back-up care is provided in case of caregiver illness or vacation

Because caregivers at full service home care agencies such as Heaven at Home are trained and supervised, clients receive a true continuum of care in the transition from hospital to home, reducing incidents of hospital readmissions, and improving the management and outcomes of chronic illnesses.

Provide better patient care and get better outcomes by making referrals to agencies such as Heaven at Home, the experts in elderly care Plano families trust, for private pay home care needs. To learn more about how our caregivers can increase the level of care your patients receive, call us at 866-381-0500.