Tech-savvy Seniors Experience More Independence at Home

senior health online

senior health onlineTechnology isn’t just for your grandkids. Tech usage among older adults is growing rapidly, and there are now more options than ever for easy-to-use devices and tools to enhance safety and promote independence at home. The following are some devices to consider to help your loved one stay safe at home:

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) are important for those at risk of falls or a stroke, as well as people with medical conditions that would necessitate a need, such as ALS, arthritis, balance disabilities, communication disabilities, deafness, hearing loss, multiple sclerosis, quadriplegia, seizures, speech disabilities and spinal cord injury.

  • How do they work? Most PERS operate by having a user press the transmitter’s “help” button, sending a radio signal to the console (connected to the user’s telephone). This causes the console to automatically dial one or more pre-selected emergency telephone numbers. When an emergency response center is contacted, the caller is identified through speakerphone on the transmitter or console so they can determine the nature of the emergency and send emergency personnel when appropriate.

Telehealth Monitoring Devices are a vital part of disease management and working with those who have chronic diseases. It is particularly appropriate for those with health issues that require sporadic but immediate assistance, like COPD, diabetes and CHF.

  • How do they work? Telehealth devices collect a person’s vitals on a regular basis without the need for him or her to ever leave the comfort of home. There is also recent research that indicates that telehealth reduces hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

Medication Management Devices are appropriate for people who may have trouble remembering which medications to take when.

  • How do they work? An electronic medication reminder apparatus may remind someone to take his medicine at pre-set times with:
    • Voice prompts
    • Light indicators
    • Safety alarms to alert if the wrong medication is selected

Some devices even dispense the correct dosage of medication at the appropriate times and may include a monitoring service that is notified if a dosage is missed.

Want to learn more about technology that can help your loved one stay independent at home in the Denton and Dallas areas? Contact Heaven at Home to learn more about assistive technology and let us help you find the right devices for your loved one’s needs.