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12 Jan

Aging Care Technology: Are We Going Overboard?

Think back for a moment…can you remember what life was like before everyone’s gaze was directed downwards to the cell phone or tablet in their hands? To a time when we found answers to burning questions by visiting the library or cracking open an encyclopedia? When preparing a meal required defrosting a roast from the […]

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16 Feb

Tech-savvy Seniors Experience More Independence at Home

Technology isn’t just for your grandkids. Tech usage among older adults is growing rapidly, and there are now more options than ever for easy-to-use devices and tools to enhance safety and promote independence at home. The following are some devices to consider to help your loved one stay safe at home: Personal Emergency Response Systems […]

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08 Jul

Reversing Memory Loss Through Brain Implants

One of the most difficult effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia, memory loss, may soon be less of a worry, thanks to a new brain implant currently in development by researchers at the University of Southern California, North Carolina’s Wake Forest University, and others. Incredibly, CNN reports that this implant is expected to restore lost declarative […]

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