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Difficult Diagnosis
06 Nov

Why Staying Positive After a Difficult Diagnosis Can Positively Affect Health

Have you ever felt yourself ramping up to bubble over with unrestrained laughter, at the most ill-timed moment – in a packed elevator, a hushed waiting room, or a religious service? Although there are, obviously, occasions when we must stamp down the silliness, writer Jane Heller says that, “Humor can keep us balanced, even in […]

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21 Mar

Could Senior Malnutrition Be an Issue for Your Loved Ones?

In the midst of our busy day-to-day lives, how many times do we grab a cup of coffee and a donut on our rush to work, stopping for fast food on the way home to avoid the extra task of having to cook? Younger adults with a high metabolism, optimum muscle strength, and fewer chronic […]

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24 Jan

What Questions Should Family Caregivers Ask After a Senior Loved One’s Heart Attack?

If you’re a family caregiver of someone with heart disease, there’s a chance that at some point someone you love may experience a heart attack. How will this change your lives? What information will you need to know? How can you help? The many questions of how your everyday lives will be changed can be […]

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15 Dec

Senior Home Care Alert: Pill Organizers Hold a Hidden Danger

Because seniors typically take anywhere from 15 to 18 different prescriptions on any given day, it isn’t hard to see how errors and skipped doses can occur, but were you aware of the health risks that happen because of those missed or incorrect doses? As senior home care experts, we know that finding solutions to […]

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26 May

Heaven at Home Senior Care: Preventing Hair Loss During Cancer Treatment

When people think about chemotherapy, one of the first things that often comes to mind is the idea of hair loss. This is something that may seem to some people a minor issue in the whole cancer story, but hair loss is quite important. For many people, their hair is part of their identity, and […]

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06 May

After-Stroke Support at Home Provides Positive Results

Each year, almost 800,000 Americans have a stroke. And while most people who have strokes survive, many are left with life-changing aftereffects. Some of the effects may be minor, but others may result in drastic changes in the stroke survivor’s personality, difficulties in the ability to speak, walk or perform everyday activities. A stroke can […]

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10 Apr

Dallas Area Seniors – Are You Taking These 5 Vitamins?

Fatigue, lack of energy, aches and pains…are these all a normal part of aging that we simply have to accept? Or could these symptoms be reduced or even alleviated altogether through the use of the right kinds and amounts of vitamins? Although nothing takes the place of a well-balanced diet and plenty of exercise, for […]

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24 Mar

Heaven at Home Senior Care Tips: Better Lighting for Better Vision

Dim lights and shadows can make it difficult for people with reduced vision to make out distinct objects. They may bang into objects that didn’t seem to be as close as they truly were, or trip over something they didn’t notice at all. This can lead to accidents in the home, which can result in […]

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16 Mar

Can You Tell if Your Loved One Is Losing His Vision?

Talking about health issues is hard for some seniors – they may think of their health issues as private, or they may fear that if they admit to having problems, they’ll lose their cherished independence. The same is true for vision loss. A loved one who is having difficulty seeing may do his best to […]

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08 Mar

Use Colors to Improve Safety for People with Low Vision

Of all our senses, the one we seem to fear losing most is our vision. So much of our world is taken in by what we see around us. Being able to see well is also a safety issue. Reduced vision may make it harder to see obstacles and dangers as we navigate the world […]

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