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30 Mar

New Technology Can Help People with Low Vision

Modern technology – some people love it, others hate it. But whichever side you fall on, you have to admit that some forms of technology have made the difference between letting people stay at home and remain independent, and moving into an assisted living facility. Take low vision products, for example. There are several inventive […]

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16 Jul

Is Your Community Ideal for Older Adults?

Life unfortunately can get harder as we age—it’s harder to navigate your way through town, to get to the grocery store if it’s a distance away, and to stay social. Fortunately, some forward-thinking communities around the country are making innovative, senior-friendly ideas a part of the community plan. We hope the trend catches on, and […]

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16 Feb

Tech-savvy Seniors Experience More Independence at Home

Technology isn’t just for your grandkids. Tech usage among older adults is growing rapidly, and there are now more options than ever for easy-to-use devices and tools to enhance safety and promote independence at home. The following are some devices to consider to help your loved one stay safe at home: Personal Emergency Response Systems […]

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05 Feb

Promote Senior Independence by Encouraging Daily Tasks

When caring for an elderly loved one, people often feel the need to do everything they can to make sure their loved one is taken care of, including the tasks that the care recipient is capable of doing himself or herself. However, there is a difference between providing care for someone and doing everything for […]

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10 Mar

Heaven at Home Looks at Changing the Approach to Eldercare

All too often people think of care for older adults in terms of the tasks they can no longer perform due to age-related disability. However, some very interesting statistics have emerged that, moving forward, may play a role in how elder care is approached

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