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21 Mar

Could Senior Malnutrition Be an Issue for Your Loved Ones?

In the midst of our busy day-to-day lives, how many times do we grab a cup of coffee and a donut on our rush to work, stopping for fast food on the way home to avoid the extra task of having to cook? Younger adults with a high metabolism, optimum muscle strength, and fewer chronic […]

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14 Feb

True or False? Reducing Saturated Fat Helps Creates Healthy Meals for Seniors.

It’s hard to make healthy meals for seniors, or anyone of any age, when recommendations seem to change from one week to the next. We’d been informed that saturated fats that are found in foods such as red meat, butter and fried food were bad for our health, but later research advised there wasn’t enough […]

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18 Aug

Get the Facts About Senior Dehydration and Learn How Home Care Services Can Help

It may seem odd to worry about dehydration in older adults, particularly since they engage in fewer exercise activities. But the reality is, as many as 31% of seniors are diagnosed with dehydration, due in part to the normal aging process. And the benefits of helping seniors stay hydrated are monumental: less falls, better orthopedic […]

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22 Jan

Is Mom Eating Enough? Here’s How to Tell.

Some normal aspects of aging, like chewing issues and the effects of certain medications, can make it difficult for seniors to get the nutrition they need. Therefore, without constantly preparing and/or supervising all your loved one’s meals and snacks, it’s often hard to know if dietary needs are being met. Answering the following questions, however, […]

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07 Jan

Hard to Swallow: Older Adults & Eating Issues

Age changes many things about a person, including his or her appetite and eating habits. While a healthy diet is vital at any age, because of certain health issues and restrictions, many older people have trouble eating well. If you have an older loved one who is experiencing trouble maintaining a healthy diet, consider these […]

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