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Difficult Diagnosis
06 Nov

Why Staying Positive After a Difficult Diagnosis Can Positively Affect Health

Have you ever felt yourself ramping up to bubble over with unrestrained laughter, at the most ill-timed moment – in a packed elevator, a hushed waiting room, or a religious service? Although there are, obviously, occasions when we must stamp down the silliness, writer Jane Heller says that, “Humor can keep us balanced, even in […]

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10 Jan

Can Your Family Afford Home Care and Avoid an Assisted Living Facility?

“I am looking forward to moving to an assisted living facility.” This isn’t a phrase you hear often from seniors. That’s because most seniors would prefer to age comfortably at home. However, there are numerous misunderstandings about who pays for care in your own home. Will home care be covered by Medicare or Medicaid or […]

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dallas dementia care
12 Jan

Aging Care Technology: Are We Going Overboard?

Think back for a moment…can you remember what life was like before everyone’s gaze was directed downwards to the cell phone or tablet in their hands? To a time when we found answers to burning questions by visiting the library or cracking open an encyclopedia? When preparing a meal required defrosting a roast from the […]

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dementia care plano
12 Aug

Five Tips to Encourage Employers to Support Eldercare Solutions

Are you providing care for your elderly parent or family member? You are not alone, with as many as 40 million Americans providing care for an elderly parent. Many times it can be difficult to manage work, caregiving, and home. There are 70% of Americans providing care for their elderly parents that need to make […]

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dementia care denton
22 Jul

Age in the Place You Love Most—Your Home

Dorothy was right; there’s no place like home. We see the findings again and again, when given the option of downsizing to a smaller living space (such as a senior apartment), moving in with family or into an assisted living facility, or trying to remain in their existing home, the majority of older adults want […]

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in home care denton
17 Jun

Encouraging Parents to Accept a Helping Hand

There may come a time when adult children have to step up and take on a part of the parental role for their parents. To make the transition a smooth one and to help senior parents accept a helping hand, follow these four tips: Rule out cognitive function issues first. As people age, it’s common […]

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19 Aug

Warning Signs: Typical Age-Related Behavior or Alzheimer’s Symptoms?

Sometimes people won’t admit they need help to stay at home, and others may be unaware they need extra help in order to maintain a healthy and safe home environment. Knowing and watching for signs that could indicate extra assistance is needed may well fall on others: family, friends or advisers. Back in February, we […]

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17 Jun

Secrets to Combating the Side Effects of Chemo

The side effects of chemotherapy can present patients with additional, uncomfortable challenges, including severe energy loss, depression, skin impairments, hair loss, nausea and change of appetite. As a caregiver, you can help your loved one combat the side effects of chemo in a number of ways. Skin Problems: Cancer patients are at risk for numerous […]

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08 Apr

Debunking Common Alzheimer’s Disease Myths

Even with the growing library of materials on Alzheimer’s disease, there are still a lot of misconceptions about how Alzheimer’s is developed, how it affects people and whether or not you can prevent the disease. To help clarify some of the more commonly believed Alzheimer’s myths, here are a few of the truths: Myth: Dad […]

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25 Feb

Understanding and Managing Hoarding in the Elderly

Hoarding is a delicate, psychological issue that often affects elderly individuals. Many people do not understand or know how to deal with hoarding properly. The immediate reaction is often to begin throwing out perceived junk. This, however, can upset the hoarder and exacerbate the problem. The key is to help the person who hoards understand […]

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