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10 Jan

Can Your Family Afford Home Care and Avoid an Assisted Living Facility?

“I am looking forward to moving to an assisted living facility.” This isn’t a phrase you hear often from seniors. That’s because most seniors would prefer to age comfortably at home. However, there are numerous misunderstandings about who pays for care in your own home. Will home care be covered by Medicare or Medicaid or […]

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15 Dec

Senior Home Care Alert: Pill Organizers Hold a Hidden Danger

Because seniors typically take anywhere from 15 to 18 different prescriptions on any given day, it isn’t hard to see how errors and skipped doses can occur, but were you aware of the health risks that happen because of those missed or incorrect doses? As senior home care experts, we know that finding solutions to […]

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13 Oct

Hard Topics in Home Health Care: Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Illness

Not a topic to be discussed in most social circles, and with plenty of stigmas attached, mental illness, in one form or another, affects at least tens of millions of Americans today. October is National Mental Health Month, and Heaven at Home Senior Care would like to help break the chains of silence in honor […]

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08 Jul

One Easy Way to Help Reverse the Brain’s Aging Process—Help Others

Turns out helping young children grow can actually help seniors grow, too. According to a recent study, seniors who volunteered and mentored kids at public schools were not only helping the overcrowded and understaffed schools, but incredibly, were actually reversing their own brain’s aging process. In the study, participants were given MRI scans of their […]

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01 May

The Heaven at Home Approach for Better Patient Outcomes Through Home Care

As a patient’s needs change, so does his or her care environment. Oftentimes, patients move through the spectrum of care multiple times, transferring from home health services to full service private pay home care and back to home health services as new care needs arise. In order to assure that patients receive an excellent level […]

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