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16 Jul

Is Your Community Ideal for Older Adults?

Life unfortunately can get harder as we age—it’s harder to navigate your way through town, to get to the grocery store if it’s a distance away, and to stay social. Fortunately, some forward-thinking communities around the country are making innovative, senior-friendly ideas a part of the community plan. We hope the trend catches on, and […]

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17 Sep

Staying Active with Alzheimer’s

Both physical and mental activity and engagement are important aspects of care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease. While patients in more advanced stages of the disease may not be able to perform favorite exercises or activities like they used to, finding activities that maintain a sense of self, focusing on the individual’s skills, […]

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01 Apr

Caring for Alzheimer’s Disease: Bond with Your Loved One Through Activities

Alzheimer’s disease can take a physical, emotional and mental toll on patients, families and caregivers. As communication skills fade for a person with Alzheimer’s, caregivers often find it frustrating to support the person’s sense of self while trying to minimize skills that may be compromised due to the disease. Doing simple, enjoyable activities together can […]

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