Starting the Conversation: How to Talk to Your Loved One About In-Home Care

Remaining independent is vital to older adults, and oftentimes the thought of surrendering even a small amount of that independence can lead to objections. It’s common for elderly loved ones to feel uncomfortable with the idea of needing a hand around the house or having an in-home caregiver. But when a loved one is showing signs that extra care is needed in order to remain living safely and comfortably at home, it is important have a conversation about care options.

The following ideas can help get the conversation started with your loved one, no matter what issues he or she is facing:

Increasing Frailty-

“I love you very much and I’m worried about your safety and wellbeing. I know someone who can help us with tips to make it easier for you to get around the house and remain as independent as possible. Can I have her come over to talk with us?”

Falling or Difficulty with Mobility-

“I’m worried about you falling and hurting yourself when there is no one around to help. I know someone who can come and give us tips on how to make you and your home safer from falls. Can I set up an appointment for her to come over and talk with us?”

Declining Personal Hygiene-

“I think it may be time to have someone come to help you out at home with a few things. Let’s work together to come up with a solution that makes us both comfortable. We can work together to select your caregiver and I won’t leave you with someone you feel uncomfortable with. The agency and I will make every effort to find someone who shares similar interests with you and before you know it, I bet you and your caregiver will become good friends.”

Can No Longer Drive-

“I know you miss the independence of having a car and being able to get out as often as you would like. If you hire a home care assistant for a few hours several times a week, you could do the things again that you’ve been missing, like shopping, visiting friends, and running to the bank.”

These conversations can be challenging, and it’s important to remember that your loved one may not be receptive to the idea of home care at first. Stay positive, and try to ease into the idea if objections seem strong at first. The care team at Heaven at Home of Denton, TX is always happy to assist you through these difficult conversations. Contact us today!