Senior Home Care Hacks: Ingenious Ways to Convert Everyday Items Into Helpful Tools

senior doing crafts

senior doing craftsIndividuals who’ve ever enjoyed spending time with young children understand what a treasure chest of creativity results from a bag stuffed with varied odds and ends. Popsicle sticks, buttons, clothes pins, and paper clips can be converted from their standard mundane uses into princesses, dragons, race cars, or a family of teddy bears – the options are endless!

Just because we mature doesn’t mean we have to lose the innovative skill to transform everyday items into something new! In fact, we here in the senior home care industry have learned that these types of ideas to create beneficial tools also works well for older adults!

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Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Place a bar of soap inside an old stocking and hang from the shower, to keep the soap from dropping into the bathtub and creating a slip risk. And, cleaning with the stocking-wrapped soap presents the additional advantage of exfoliation.
  • Wrap rubber bands around cups to strengthen gripping capabilities.
  • Secure a straw to a drinking cup with a conventional wooden spring-operated clothes pin.
  • Use a drop of nail polish on phone keys that are usually utilized most frequently, such as the “answer” button.

While high-tech devices are exciting, research has shown that the majority of elderly adults are generally reluctant to learn how to use them, preferring to make use of products with which they’re already comfortable.

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