Smooth Transitions to In-Home Care

It’s often hard to admit when it is time for some additional help at home. Seniors may fear losing a level of their independence or may be anxious to have someone they aren’t familiar with in the home. Heaven at Home in Northern Texas understands these feelings and works with seniors and their families to make the smoothest, most comfortable transition to in-home care. Call today to schedule a free in-home assessment, and let us introduce ourselves.

Web Resources:
Click the links below to access resource websites to learn tips on making smooth transitions to in-home care.

Introducing Home Care to Resistant Parents
This blog written by a geriatric social worker, covers basic suggestions on how to introduce home care assistance to seniors.

Approaching the Home Care Conversation Empathically
A conversation about home care is best opened after first exploring the situation from the senior’s point of view. This article teaches how to accomplish this.

When Is It Time To Talk About Finances with Aging Parents
Understanding when is a good time to begin to talk about finances with your aging parents and how to go about it. This articles goes through it.

Understanding Why Seniors Are Resistant to Cost of Care
It is helpful to remember that people over age 80 lived through the Depression era and may feel vulnerable when it comes to finances, even if it appears they have enough to afford proper long-term care. This article in the New York Times’ The New Old Age blogs, describes this situation, which is more common than one might think.

Coping with Parent Resistant to Accepting Outside Care Assistance
It is a natural feeling to want to provide for parents as they age and become frail and can seem puzzling when parents refuse to accept assistance. This article can help in overcoming assumptions to examine the real reasons there may be resistance to seniors accepting care at home.

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