How Home Care Keeps Older Adults Social for Better Health

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Our brains are designed for socializing! So when older adults are not able to enjoy time with others, it leads to a lot of stress and health problems, including an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and mental illnesses. Some studies have even found that severe social isolation is as deadly as smoking! Learn about home care benefits and how in-home senior care can help loved ones thrive.

Studies have shown that socialization:

  • Reduces risk of disability
  • Reduces depression and pain
  • Protects the brain from mental decline
  • Increases the quality and length of life

Here are some ways a home care agency such as Heaven at Home Senior Care can help the older adults in your life stay social and protect their health:

  • Encourage attendance and serve as a personal escort to social outings such as club meetings, community events such as fairs, holiday celebrations and parades, plays, concerts, and sporting events, religious services and church activities
  • Play interactive games with clients such as board games, cards and Nintendo Wii
  • Plan and schedule visits with friends and neighbors
  • Provide transportation to an adult day facility or a low impact exercise class
  • Introduce clients to social media such as Facebook and Skype so they can connect with family and friends even if they are homebound

Let Heaven at Home Senior Care coordinate and facilitate social engagement activities while providing the highest quality of care for older adults in the comfort of home. Contact us to learn more about home care benefits and how a home health aide in Denton and the surrounding areas can help you.