What to Do When Donation Requests Are Draining Older Adults’ Savings

4 Strategic Steps to Help

It’s a common problem for older adults: They like to help by giving money, but the number of postcards, letters and phone calls requesting donations towards this organization or that cause are overwhelming. How do they choose which ones to say yes to, and still stay within their budget?

Step 1: Which organizations matter most to the older adult?

Once you have that written list of organizations that matter most, develop a giving plan that includes only those organizations.

Refer back to this written list when mail or phone call donation requests are received, and only donate to the organizations that are on the list.

Step 2: Before making a donation, check out the organization.

These websites can help:

Step 3: Reduce junk mail.

While charities and many professional organizations do not participate in general opt-out programs, you can call them directly to be taken off of their mailing lists.

Step 4: Reduce phone call donation requests.

The National Do Not Call Registry does not apply to charitable donation request calls, but there are other ways to block unwanted calls:

  • Check with the older adult’s phone company about his or her call blocking services
  • Purchase a call blocking device
  • Download a call blocking app for smartphones

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