Recognizing the Signs and Protecting Against Elderly Fraud

Who would take advantage of a sweet older woman? Unfortunately a lot of people. Seniors are vulnerable to fraud from people who, while seemingly well intentioned, are out to make a quick buck. In fact, elder fraud costs older adults more than $2.6 billion per year.

Recognizing elderly fraud red flags can help you protect your older loved ones. Some common red flags include:

  • A promise to win or make money easily
  • A demand to act immediately or miss out on a big opportunity
  • A refusal to send information until money changes hands
  • Attempts to scare the person into buying something
  • Insistence on wiring money for help or other reasons
  • A refusal to stop calling after being asked not to call again

An older person may have been a victim of fraud if he or she:

  • Receives lots of mail for contests or “free” items
  • Gets frequent calls from strangers offering great deals or asking for charitable contributions
  • Makes repeated payments to companies in other states or countries
  • Has difficulty finding money to pay for bills or groceries

If you know your loved one has been a victim of elder fraud, contact the National Fraud Center to report the issue. Having a professional caregiver in the home from a reputable and licensed agency such as Heaven at Home can help protect older adults from falling victim to fraud. Contact Heaven at Home today to learn how our Frisco in home care services can help your loved ones avoid elderly fraud. For a full list of all of the communities where we provide care, please visit our Service Area page.