New Technology Can Help People with Low Vision

Older man using laptop for internet communication

Modern technology – some people love it, others hate it. But whichever side you fall on, you have to admit that some forms of technology have made the difference between letting people stay at home and remain independent, and moving into an assisted living facility. Take low vision products, for example. There are several inventive products on the market today that can make life a lot easier for people who are sight impaired. Here are some examples:

Talking Color Identifier

Colors can be very difficult for a person with low vision to pick out. The Colortest talking color identifier by Cartec is a small device that detects around 100 different colors. It speaks clearly at 3 volumes and even has an earphone jack.

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VOXCOM III Voice Labeling System

This device allows users to record audio labels and messages by pressing a button and inserting a label into the unit. The label can attach to canned goods, medication, clothing, food, and other household items.

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Talking Alarm Cube Clock

This clock verbally announces the time hourly or on demand.

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Click Pocket Money Brailler

This handy device marks denominations of money by pressing Braille text into the bills.

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There are a number of online retailers that offer handy aids for the visually impaired. The senior caregivers at Heaven at Home Senior Care  know how these products and others can make a significant difference in a senior’s life. With their experience and know-how, our in-home care providers can help your loved one adapt to living with low vision, while providing companionship and higher levels of care, if needed.

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