New Routines May Lessen Fatigue for Stroke Patients

routineMay is Stroke Awareness Month. For many people, a stroke is a devastating experience that completely alters their way of life. Fatigue is a common side effect of stroke for many survivors, and often thought to be due to the physical effects of the stroke itself. However, new research shows that post-stroke fatigue may come from a different place altogether.

Following a stroke, most patients work tirelessly to get their lives back to where they were before the stroke occurred. However, for many survivors, the effects of stroke change life in unalterable and often frustrating ways. Many patients who were interviewed following a stroke were unable to pinpoint a specific object or action that caused them to feel fatigued. This leads researchers to believe that it is the dream of reestablishing the life they once had, combined with the inability to do so, that leads to most patients’ fatigue. However, learning to adjust routines and relating fatigue to specific objects and actions can help patients cope.

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