New Research on Vitamin D and Alzheimer’s

vitamin D dementia care

vitamin D dementia careAs we wave goodbye to summer, many people start to stay indoors, away from the cooler weather. Doing so, however, keeps us out of the sunlight, which is a helpful source of vitamin D.

Vitamin D plays a vital role in health. It promotes the absorption of calcium for stronger bones and can help lower the risk of many diseases, including, a new study shows, Alzheimer’s disease. According to new research, older adults who have a severe vitamin D deficiency have a 122 percent increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Scientists have long anticipated that there was a link between vitamin D deficiency and Alzheimer’s, but they had not expected the link to be quite so strong.

Need more vitamin D in your or your loved one’s life? Take a look at this article from Next Avenue for some tips on getting more vitamin D and for more information on the link between vitamin D deficiency and Alzheimer’s disease.

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