The Need for Texas Home Caregivers to Ask for Help

help for family caregivers
Many people are holding a help sign placards.

help for family caregivers

In Texas, we’re a do-it-yourself society; one that clearly values independence, and applauds the people that pull themselves up by their bootstraps and handle almost everything without any help. However, the reality is, there are certain things we simply can’t manage alone; issues that can possibly create injury to ourselves as well as other people if we abstain from trying to get support.

One particular task that’s undoubtedly best when shared is providing care for an older family member or friend. But, regrettably, a good number of Texas family home caregivers have a problem with reaching out for assistance for various reasons: we’re guilty with feeling as if we ought to be equipped to handle care for our own loved ones without any assistance, reluctant to trust others to provide high quality care, and/or simply just too proud.

If you are a family care provider in Texas, in order to prevent caregiver burnout, despair, or other negative and all-too-common outcomes, try out the following pointers to lessen the worry of requesting assistance:

  • Break down your own personal caregiving position into different responsibilities, and select those you’d like assistance with: preparing food, washing, personal care, transporting, and so on.
  • Make a list of all those you might have faith in to help with these duties: close friends, relatives, members of your religious organization, neighbors, and area teenagers who’ve volunteer requirements to satisfy.
  • Match up jobs with your prospective helpers, and approach each one with certain information on what you need.

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