In-Home Transitional Care Reduces Hospital Readmissions

The period between being discharged from the hospital and returning home is a challenging time for many patients. The 30-day period that follows a hospital discharge is when most patients, particularly those with chronic conditions such as diabetes or CHF or those who have recently undergone surgery are readmitted to the hospital due to complications with their condition. To reduce the risk of a hospital readmission, it’s important for patients to fully understand their condition and the care plan they are expected to follow before returning home.

Prepare yourself for a smooth transition from hospital to home by getting answers to these questions prior to your surgery:

  • Who will pick up my prescriptions? Will I need to rely on a relative for this task? Will he or she be available when I need a refill?
  • Who will answer questions I may have about the medications? Should I contact my doctor, the pharmacist, or does the hospital have someone else for me to contact with questions regarding my care?
  • What phone numbers do I need to have on hand?
  • What kind of medical equipment might I need (such as a walker, crutches, or telehealth devices), and who will provide them?
  • What kinds of tasks might be difficult for me to perform once I return home given the nature of my surgery? (Ex. bathing, dressing, climbing stairs, picking up prescription drugs, cooking, shopping, driving, etc.)
  • What activities are not recommended following surgery? How long should I abstain from these activities?
  • What signs or symptoms should I watch for that might indicate a problem during recovery?
  • Do I need someone present in the home, or will I be safe left alone for extended time periods?
  • Will my medications cause drowsiness or confusion?

In-home care from a qualified home care agency, like Heaven at Home, can ease the transition from hospital to home and create a positive care environment that will help you relax and heal. For more information on how Heaven at Home of Denton, TX can help reduce the risk of hospital readmission, or for a better overview of our home care services, contact us today.