Improve Your Patients’ Transitional Care with Heaven at Home

Patients move through the spectrum of care options continually, transferring from skilled nursing or rehab facilities to full service private pay home care and back again as care needs change.
Providing patients with smooth transitions between care providers through better referrals allows for:

  • Better patient outcomes
  • Decreased hospitalizations

How Care Facilities and Home Care Agencies Can Work Together

Hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and home care agencies all have one very important thing in common — we all want to provide the best possible care for the patient and prevent him or her from any unnecessary readmissions. A home care agency, like Heaven at Home of Denton, TX, can work with your care facility in a number of ways to help improve patient care.

  • Whether being discharged from the hospital, a skilled nursing facility or a rehab facility to return home, patients are at their most vulnerable when transitioning from one care setting to another. This is due to potential small gaps in care during the transition. Referring to a professional, reputable private pay agency will close these care gaps, allowing for safer, more comfortable patient transitions.
  • Oftentimes, a physician’s care plan requires more services than for what Medicare reimburses. Working with a private pay agency allows a facility to refer for a wider range of services.

Provide smoother transitions as patients travel through the continuum of care by making referrals to home care agencies such as Heaven at Home for private pay home care needs. To learn more about our wide range of home care services throughout the Dallas area, call us at 866-381-0500 or fill out our contact form.