Consider These Holiday Self-Care Tips for Caregivers

Overwhelmed caregiver balancing decorations and gifts
These holiday self-care tips for caregivers can keep the spirits bright this year!

The times are feeling bright and jolly again! But for the millions of people in America who are providing care for an aging loved one this holiday season, this time may feel more like the most overwhelming time of the year. Carving out time for yourself may have dropped to the very bottom of your to-do checklist, but the aging care professionals at Heaven at Home would like to offer some holiday self-care tips for caregivers to encourage you to rethink and reprioritize caring for YOU!

Making time for self-care also allows you to better take care of senior loved ones during the holidays. These five simple holiday self-care tips for caregivers can help:

  1. Leave time to care for yourself

You may be taking care of a friend, parent, or spouse this holiday season, but you still need time for yourself. You need time to enjoy outside interests, other people, and a means to escape from the constant stress of caregiving. Quality time with friends can be difficult to manage when you get overwhelmed, but friends can help you through some tough times, simply by being there. Heaven at Home’s senior care services can help caregivers take the break they need during the holiday season and all through the year.

  1. Eat a balanced diet

Don’t let the stress or temptation of the holiday season lead you into too many unhealthy food choices. When you’re fatigued, it’s more convenient to select whatever is fast and simple: quick snack foods, toast and tea, cheese doodles and a soft drink. You need high quality food to perform optimally.

  1. Keep moving

Physical exercise is the original “feel good” elixir. It helps you sleep better and wake up renewed and ready to face another strenuous day. Regular exercise improves both your emotional and physical wellbeing, keeping your mind alert and body fine-tuned and energetic.

  1. Sleep in from time to time

This isn’t always easy, especially if you’re caring for somebody who has a tendency to wander during the overnight hours. Nevertheless, most people need six to eight hours of sleep each night to maintain good health. Catch up with short naps if necessary or call Heaven at Home for nighttime caregiver support.

  1. Join a support group

It’s common to feel isolated in your role as a caregiver. That’s why it’s crucial to talk to others, specifically other caregivers. They’ll know what you’re going through, they will understand where you’re coming from, and they will probably even have some great recommendations to help.

Do you need a little extra help this holiday season? Contact the dedicated caregivers at Heaven at Home, the top provider of senior care in Frisco and the nearby areas. We can provide the care and attention your family member needs while giving you the time you need to accomplish your to-dos and take a little time for yourself.