Heaven at Home Senior Care Tips: Better Lighting for Better Vision

hanging ceiling lights

hanging ceiling lightsDim lights and shadows can make it difficult for people with reduced vision to make out distinct objects. They may bang into objects that didn’t seem to be as close as they truly were, or trip over something they didn’t notice at all.

This can lead to accidents in the home, which can result in a decline in overall health. Dim lighting can take away enjoyment too – if the light isn’t bright enough to read, for example, that simple pleasure may be lost. But there are things you can do to help reduce these risks, one of which is ensuring that the lighting in your senior loved one’s home is adequate, reducing the shadows and making objects stand out more visibly.

For example, did you know that cutting the distance between a light source and the task in half by bringing the light closer to the work will make the brightness of the light approximately four times greater? Here are some other lighting tips to help a senior with low vision:

  • A “task lamp” with a flexible arm or gooseneck can focus light closely and directly on a working area, ensuring better light for reading, cooking, using the telephone, or doing crafts.
  • If one eye has better vision, position the lamp on that side of the body, slightly to the side. Take caution in placement however, so that the light is not reflecting from the page into the eyes of the reader.
  • To reduce glare, which can make it harder to see, make sure all light bulbs are covered with some sort of shade.
  • To reduce the heat of a higher-wattage bulb, use a lamp with an internal reflector (a double shade). This significantly reduces the heat, and allows the lamp to be closer to the face than with a single shade, especially one made of metal.
  • Install extra lighting in places where it may be difficult to move around, such as hallways and stairs.
  • Install dimmer switches for controlling the amount of light in the room.
  • Install under-cabinet lighting for tasks in the kitchen or work areas.

These lighting changes can help keep your loved one safe, but adapting to low vision can take some getting used to. If your loved one needs assistance, the experienced caregiving team at Heaven at Home Senior Care  can offer that extra help. A home assessment will identify your loved one’s needs, and our in-home caregivers can offer companionship as well as other services that your loved one may need. In addition, our Denton area caregivers are your eyes in the home, and they will notify you if they see changes in your loved one and her needs adapt.

If you are looking for in-home caregivers in Denton or the surrounding communities, give us a call at 866-381-0500. or fill out our web form. We look forward to hearing from you!