Heaven at Home Senior Care: Preventing Hair Loss During Cancer Treatment

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When people think about chemotherapy, one of the first things that often comes to mind is the idea of hair loss. This is something that may seem to some people a minor issue in the whole cancer story, but hair loss is quite important. For many people, their hair is part of their identity, and the loss of hair shouts out to the world that they are being treated for cancer. It’s like the final straw in all that is happening around them related to their cancer

Researchers have been trying for decades to find a way to keep radiotherapy and chemotherapy from causing hair loss. And it’s now encouraging to know that helpful products are being developed to ease the discomfort. The latest innovation is cold caps  – gel-filled hats that are chilled and worn during chemotherapy and are showing promising benefits in reducing hair loss. Since the cold temperature narrows blood vessels under the scalp, less of the chemotherapy drug reaches the hair follicles. Simple, brilliant, and in many cases, quite effective!

Of course, as with all treatments, cold caps may not help everyone, but they do offer some hope in a situation where people may feel helpless, with no sense of control.

People undergoing treatment for cancer sometimes find it hard to cope with the everyday demands of life, or they may need extra medical care. If you are looking for cancer care at home to help you through this period, Heaven at Home Senior Care can help. We can provide assistance with medications, transportation, personal grooming, light housekeeping and more. By allowing our skilled home health caregivers to help, you can focus on what really matters to you.

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