Family Caregiving in the Digital Generation

Home Care AppsNeed help caring for an older loved one? There’s an app for that! Actually, there are several apps on the market that can make family caregiving a little easier. We’ve compiled some of our favorites that we think will help family caregivers better manage their time and their loved ones’ care.

CareZone is a free app that allows you to store notes, task lists, medication information, pharmacy numbers, dosing, prescribing physicians, etc., securely; it even has photo uploading and voice messaging capabilities. The app also lets users invite family members to help them participate in the care. Find out more about CareZone here.

Unfrazzle is another free app, available for both iOS and Android devices. Unfrazzle is highly customizable and lets users create task lists, keep notes, track food intake, medications, and behaviors, and connect with other family members and friends to help delegate caregiving tasks. Find out more about how Unfrazzle can help manage your family caregiving duties here.

The Elder 411 app is a great resource for family caregivers. While not focused on caregiver management like CareZone and Unfrazzle, Elder 411 does provide over 500 pieces of advice and tips on elder care. From safety to adaptive equipment to communication, caregivers can find a wealth of helpful information for all their needs. And at a cost of only 99 cents, it’s a great bargain! Find out more about Elder 411 here.

Need an extra hand or the personal, hands-on care that an app just can’t provide? Contact Heaven at Home in the Dallas area. Our professional, compassionate in-home care is better than digital!