COVID-19 Concerns: Moving Elderly Parents from Assisted Living to Home

moving elderly parents
As a result of COVID-19, many families are moving an aging parent home.

COVID-19 cases in nursing homes and assisted living facilities have been devastating, as the virus spreads like wildfire through our most vulnerable population living together in such close quarters. As a result, many families are moving elderly parents home, which raises a number of considerations to work through.

Heaven at Home Senior Care, the experts in elderly care in Plano and the surrounding area, is here to help with the information you need to ensure a smooth transition home for your older loved one. A good place to start is by answering these questions:

  • Do you have enough room for the senior to have designated space for privacy?
  • How will the move impact other members of your family? For instance, will one of your children need to give up his/her bedroom and share with a sibling?
  • If you work outside of the home, who will care for your loved one while you’re gone?
  • How will vacations be handled? Will the senior be able to travel with you, or is there a plan you can implement for respite care?
  • Are there existing (or past) unresolved issues with your aging parent that may affect your ability to provide the best level of care?
  • Will there be a problem related to issues such as pets, smoking, or drinking, either on the part of your aging parent or someone else in your home?
  • Do any home modifications need to be made, such as adding in grab bars and railings, additional lighting, wheelchair accessibility?

Next, schedule a family meeting, with everyone living in the home, but also, if warranted, with your siblings and other family members who may want to be involved in the senior’s care. It’s important to allow everyone the opportunity to air any concerns openly and honestly. After all, moving your aging parent into your home is a life-altering event for each member of the family.

Once your family is in agreement and on board with the decision, talk with the senior about the idea. Gauge whether your loved one has been thriving in the social atmosphere of facility living, and if he or she will miss the activities and friendships. Reassure the senior that the whole family is delighted with the idea of inviting him or her home to live, and address any concerns your loved one raises.

Most importantly, know that you’re not alone in your new care responsibilities! Heaven at Home is always here to serve as your trusted partner in care, offering as much or as little professional home care assistance as needed with tasks such as personal care and hygiene, housekeeping, meals, errand-running, transportation, and friendly companionship to engage in conversations, hobbies and interests, movies, games, exercise, outings, and more.

Contact us at (972) 245-1515 in Dallas or (940)380-0500 in Denton for a free in-home consultation to let us share more about how we can help.