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Blind person holding white cane
19 Feb

A Look at the Latest Technologies for Sight Loss

Impacting an incredible number of Americans, vision loss is as varied as the people who experience it – from simply the need to wear a pair of reading glasses to skim through the morning newspaper, to total blindness. Sight loss is even more common in older adults, with one out of every three seniors over […]

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20 Jun

Denton Texas Home Care News | Eliminating Cataracts Without Surgery

We may prefer to ignore it, but the fact is that aging and cataracts often go together like bread and butter. 90% of older adults age 65 and up develop cataracts, and by the age of 75, as many as 50% have experienced some loss of vision as a result of them. Heaven at Home […]

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30 Mar

New Technology Can Help People with Low Vision

Modern technology – some people love it, others hate it. But whichever side you fall on, you have to admit that some forms of technology have made the difference between letting people stay at home and remain independent, and moving into an assisted living facility. Take low vision products, for example. There are several inventive […]

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24 Mar

Heaven at Home Senior Care Tips: Better Lighting for Better Vision

Dim lights and shadows can make it difficult for people with reduced vision to make out distinct objects. They may bang into objects that didn’t seem to be as close as they truly were, or trip over something they didn’t notice at all. This can lead to accidents in the home, which can result in […]

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16 Mar

Can You Tell if Your Loved One Is Losing His Vision?

Talking about health issues is hard for some seniors – they may think of their health issues as private, or they may fear that if they admit to having problems, they’ll lose their cherished independence. The same is true for vision loss. A loved one who is having difficulty seeing may do his best to […]

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08 Mar

Use Colors to Improve Safety for People with Low Vision

Of all our senses, the one we seem to fear losing most is our vision. So much of our world is taken in by what we see around us. Being able to see well is also a safety issue. Reduced vision may make it harder to see obstacles and dangers as we navigate the world […]

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