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Technology for Seniors - argyle home health care
10 Sep

Technology for Seniors Enables Many to Live at Home with Improved Safety and Wellbeing

Whether you’re looking to tune a guitar, learn a new language, or just add cats’ ears to a selfie, there is an app for that! And for seniors who choose to age in place, technology may very well be a key component in maximizing safety, comfort, and overall well-being. Take Amazon’s Alexa, for instance. Although […]

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senior fall risk - university park home care
12 Nov

University Park Home Care Tips: Create a Plan to Reduce Senior Fall Risk

Falls involving senior citizens are all too common and may have dire consequences. Taking preventative measures is important, such as examining the home for any senior fall risk such as throw rugs and various tripping hazards, inadequate lighting, and a lack of appropriate grab bars and railings. But there’s another tactic being suggested now: developing […]

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Senior woman looking at prescription bottles
27 Jun

Grayson Home Health Care Tips for Chronic Pain Management in Seniors

As the myriad of baby boomers continue to age, and as our life expectancy continues to be extended, our thinking about chronic pain management needs to expand accordingly. Currently, more than half of those over age 65 complain of persistent, ongoing pain – and for ¾ of those battling chronic pain, the pain displays in […]

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Senior man eating vegetables on patio
21 Mar

How Brain Healthy Foods Can Boost Cognitive Functioning

The remarkable research of a recent AARP study is in: those that maintain a healthy diet plan are twice as likely to consider their mental acuity to be very good or excellent compared to people who rarely eat well. In particular, a meal plan rich in brain healthy foods such as fish, fruits and vegetables […]

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14 Jun

The Senior Home Care Tech Boom, and Why Many Seniors Aren’t Loving It

Today, seniors are swamped with an explosion of high tech senior home care products targeted at enhancing their safety and independence and improving their lives. With just the click of a few buttons, they can instantly visit “in person” with loved ones through Skype, wear a bracelet that responds with emergency help when needed, even […]

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30 Mar

New Technology Can Help People with Low Vision

Modern technology – some people love it, others hate it. But whichever side you fall on, you have to admit that some forms of technology have made the difference between letting people stay at home and remain independent, and moving into an assisted living facility. Take low vision products, for example. There are several inventive […]

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dallas dementia care
12 Jan

Aging Care Technology: Are We Going Overboard?

Think back for a moment…can you remember what life was like before everyone’s gaze was directed downwards to the cell phone or tablet in their hands? To a time when we found answers to burning questions by visiting the library or cracking open an encyclopedia? When preparing a meal required defrosting a roast from the […]

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dementia care plano
25 Jun

Reach out to Alzheimer’s Patients—Simply

Connecting with a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia could be just an app away. A new free app, made for iPads, allows you to create an interactive storybook on the life of a loved one with Alzheimer’s through personalized pictures, music and memory activities. Developed by Jenny Rozbruch to help her connect with her […]

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26 Mar

Senior Gamers: Detecting Alzheimer’s Disease via a Video Game

Video games have been getting a lot of press over the last several years, not just for their entertainment value, but for their cognitive benefits as well. And now the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, is hoping to find out if video games can detect and track the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

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17 Mar

Family Caregiving in the Digital Generation

Need help caring for an older loved one? There’s an app for that! Actually, there are several apps on the market that can make family caregiving a little easier. We’ve compiled some of our favorites that we think will help family caregivers better manage their time and their loved ones’ care.

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