Category: Heart Disease

25 Feb

Follow These Steps for the Most Accurate Blood Pressure Reading

Those who are newly diagnosed with a heart condition may be advised by their doctor to obtain a home blood pressure monitor and begin to record readings on a regular basis. And although the nurse makes it look so easy in the doctor’s office, when it comes to trying it at home, it can be […]

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18 Feb

Learn the ABCs of Heart Health

As many as half of all Americans have one of these three key risk factors of heart disease: high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, and smoking. And many more struggle with the effects of other lifestyle choices, such as lack of adequate physical activity, overindulging in alcohol, and a poor diet. Heaven at Home Senior […]

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11 Feb

In Honor of Women’s Heart Health Month: Take Heaven at Home Senior Care’s “If She Were A Swan…” Challenge

In one of the most beloved children’s classic stories, a forlorn and tormented little duckling, ostracized for being different, grew to become the most beautiful creature of all: a swan. And it’s this image we want to bring to mind as we invite you to join us in celebrating Women’s Heart Health Month with our […]

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05 Feb

How a Heart Attack or Stroke Can Affect More than Just the Heart

The frightening experience of suffering a heart attack or stroke can spur loved ones to put a plan into action to make sure a healthy lifestyle is in place to allow for healing and to prevent any future problems. Heaven at Home Senior Care often receives calls from concerned families seeking information on steps that […]

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20 Feb

Recovery Time: Caring for a Loved One After a Heart Attack or Stroke

According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular diseases are the nation’s number one killer. Millions of Americans care for a loved one who is recovering from a cardiac event such as heart attack or stroke, and it can be a challenge. People recovering from a major cardiac event are typically forced into making lifestyle changes […]

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