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Denton home care
20 Sep

Denton Home Care Tips: How to Provide Care for Difficult Parents

When it comes to caregiving for a family member, family dynamics can play a big part in the caregiver’s outlook. For people who have been brought up by caring parents who provided for all their needs, offering the same level of care may just be second nature. But what if you’ve been scarred by childhood […]

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Elderly woman walking with adult daughter
07 Jun

Dallas Home Health Care: Four Tips for Family Caregivers

If you’re providing care for a senior loved one, it’s likely that you stumbled into the responsibility without any formal training: you saw the need, and gallantly stepped forward to meet it. Yet, at Heaven at Home Senior Care, extensive training is provided to each of our Dallas home health care professionals before they’re fully […]

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Beautiful Woman
08 Mar

Experiencing Caregiver Stress? Try These Tips to Brighten Your Outlook.

“It’s just been one of those days,” we sometimes mourn, shrugging our shoulders gloomily. Let’s be honest, sometimes things happen that are entirely out of your control, plus some days all of them seemingly happen at precisely the same time – making us wish we had made the decision to simply stay in bed! Nevertheless, […]

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Discussing an Elderly Parent's Ability to Drive a Car
10 Jan

Giving up Driving: It May Be Bad for a Senior’s Health

It is among the more difficult decisions we face in older years, and an exceptionally sensitive matter for adult children to broach with their elderly parents: giving up driving. Driving a vehicle, while delivering an intrinsic feeling of freedom and independence, can become tremendously dangerous due to a variety of conditions linked to aging. And […]

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05 Aug

Can Family Caregivers and In Home Care Help Seniors Achieve Life Goals?

“One day, I’ll…” We bet you can think of a variety of ways to finish that statement – with things you’ve always dreamed of doing, but put in the back of your mind until you have the money, means or time to pursue them. But what about senior family and friends? Chances are they still […]

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20 Jul

What You Might Not Have Considered About Mom’s Home Care After Hospitalization

Imagine this happening: your frail, senior mother, who lives alone, fell last weekend, broke her thighbone and forearm, and is currently being released from the hospital. While quickly scanning through her release paperwork before you leave the hospital, you begin to feel overwhelmed by the to-do lists of picking up medications, scheduling and taking her […]

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14 Jun

The Senior Home Care Tech Boom, and Why Many Seniors Aren’t Loving It

Today, seniors are swamped with an explosion of high tech senior home care products targeted at enhancing their safety and independence and improving their lives. With just the click of a few buttons, they can instantly visit “in person” with loved ones through Skype, wear a bracelet that responds with emergency help when needed, even […]

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07 Jun

Mom Lives Alone in Dallas: When Is Home Care Appropriate?

Since moving away from Dallas, you’ve made it an important priority to call Mom every Saturday afternoon, without exception. After talking about the week, she confirms that yes, she’s getting plenty of rest, eating well, taking her meds and is healthy. However, seeing her in person over a long weekend vacation to Dallas paints a […]

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20 Jan

The Dangerous Link Between Senior Loneliness and Depression and How Home Care Can Help

One of the greatest fears many of us have of aging is the thought of spending long, lonely days, isolated from those we love. And the reality is, as seniors age, the loss of family and friends, and perhaps also the ability to remain as active and mobile as they once were, can add up […]

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08 Jan

Heaven at Home Care Asks: Is It Time to Cut Back on Medical Interventions for Seniors?

Have you taken a peek into your senior loved ones’ medicine cabinets lately? According to the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, the average senior is prescribed more than 27 new medications each year. Twenty-seven! And that includes a 20% increase in narcotics prescribed for pain relief over a period of five years. If you factor […]

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