Can You Tell if Your Loved One Is Losing His Vision?

older man using a magnifying glass to read

Talking about health issues is hard for some seniors – they may think of their health issues as private, or they may fear that if they admit to having problems, they’ll lose their cherished independence. The same is true for senior vision loss.

A loved one who is having difficulty seeing may do his best to hide this from those who are close to him. For this reason, it is helpful to know how to recognize changes in behavior and appearance that indicate a senior could benefit from a visit to the doctor or eye care professional. Watch for these signs that may indicate vision loss:

  • Constantly bumping into things, tripping, moving hesitantly or brushing against the wall while walking
  • Acting visually confused in a familiar place
  • Groping for missing objects by under-reaching or over-reaching
  • Discontinuing or doing certain activities differently such as reading, watching television, driving, walking, or engaging in hobbies
  • Squinting or tilting the head to the side to see or holding reading material close to the face
  • Having difficulty identifying faces, objects or colors
  • Clothing has unnoticed stains or outfit color combinations or patterns do not match
  • Requesting more or different kinds of lighting for reading or other activities
  • Having difficulty cutting or serving food or knocking over glasses

Additionally, if your loved one complains about the following, it could indicate vision loss:

  • Mentioning halos or rings around lights or seeing spots in front of the eyes
  • Complaining of eye pain
  • Complaining of reduced night vision, double vision, or distorted vision

Senor vision loss doesn’t have to result in loss of independence. If your loved one has reduced vision or has lost his eyesight completely, a little help can go a long way. Allow our skilled and trained in-home senior caregivers to provide that care. Heaven at Home Senior Care, providers of elderly care in Plano and the surrounding areas, offers assistance for seniors who have vision loss and can help them adapt to their new circumstances. We offer hourly in-home services or respite care so your loved one isn’t alone when you have to leave the house. Call us today at 866-381-0500, and allow us to help you and your loved one.