12 Feb

Tips for Managing Dementia and Eyesight Changes

The complicated steps needed to enable us to see are mind-boggling. In the blink of an eye, our brains have the ability to take transmitted information on the environment all around us, translate that information based on input from other senses, memories, and thoughts, and then shape an understanding of that information to make us […]

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06 Feb

Keys to Supporting Family Caregivers in Providing Care

“It takes a village” was never a more accurate statement than when taking care of an older loved one. It’s important for that “village” to support family caregivers in providing care by keeping up effective, ongoing communication so that the very best care is provided and everyone involved in care is on the same page. […]

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Dehydration in Elderly Adults
21 Jan

Dehydration in Elderly Adults – Why It Happens and How to Prevent It

Do you know…almost half of all older adults are chronically under-hydrated, as reported by a new scientific study conducted at UCLA? Not just that, but elderly adults over age 65 represent the highest category of hospital admissions as a result of dehydration. Dehydration can easily sneak up on older adults, who usually have a reduced […]

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Dementia Caregiver Tips
14 Jan

Dementia Caregiver Tips – Laughter May Be a Better Medicine Than Traditional Treatments

Looking after a person you love with dementia is obviously nothing to laugh about. Nonetheless, research is frequently pointing to the benefits associated with humor, and adding it into dementia care could possibly be just what the doctor ordered to improve quality of life for your loved one. As an example, an Australian research study […]

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Elder Care Advocate
06 Jan

Questions You Should Ask the Doctor As An Elder Care Advocate

Of the many responsibilities a family caregiver or elder care advocate faces, perhaps one of the more overwhelming is managing health concerns. The National Council on Aging reports that about ¾ of all older adults are diagnosed with a minimum of two chronic diseases, and they are seeing on average four medical specialists. As your […]

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Studies show aducanumab as an Alzheimer’s treatment may be effective after all.
19 Dec

Aducanumab Treatment for Alzheimer’s is Getting a Second Chance

After 16 long years without any truly viable treatment options for Alzheimer’s, there is some optimism on the horizon in a stunning reversal on the formerly-rejected antibody therapy, aducanumab. The newest research reveals that large quantities of the medication do, in fact, decrease cognitive decline at the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. According to Rebecca Edelmayer, […]

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Senior African American Woman Exploring
11 Dec

For Family Caregivers, A New Year’s Resolution Can Inspire Your Best Year Yet

If you are among the 8% of Americans who actually accomplish their New Year’s resolution goals, well done! However, if you are like the majority of us, you’ve given up prior to even turning the calendar page to February. Although it is undoubtedly commendable to attempt to better ourselves by resolving to lose 10 pounds […]

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senior woman with her daughter online purchasing together
05 Dec

Tips for Tactfully Handling the Most Sensitive Issue in Elder Care

One of the most challenging obstacles for older adults is acknowledging the need for help with money management. Personal finances are both extremely personal and a representation of our independence. Adult children are sometimes met with opposition when stepping into the financial arena with regards to senior parents and their financial management. Nonetheless, for many […]

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Senior Care
20 Nov

Learn How a Geriatric Care Manager Can Help Navigate Senior Care

Family care providers know that navigating the process of looking for appropriate care resources for a senior loved one can seem like trying to get across the ocean in a rowboat – blindfolded, and blindsided by the buffeting swells and winds. The likelihood of making it safely to your destination is pretty slim without having […]

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13 Nov

Communicate Better With Loved Ones With Dementia Using These Easy Methods

Connecting with a senior loved one trying to cope with all the struggles of Alzheimer’s or dementia, particularly in the middle and later stages, may be frustrating – both for you and for your loved one. Brain changes affect the ability to hear, process, and respond effectively to conversations, and it’s up to us to […]

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