Aging Care Technology: Are We Going Overboard?

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android robotThink back for a moment…can you remember what life was like before everyone’s gaze was directed downwards to the cell phone or tablet in their hands? To a time when we found answers to burning questions by visiting the library or cracking open an encyclopedia? When preparing a meal required defrosting a roast from the freezer, gathering vegetables from the garden, and actually cooking everything in the oven, rather than popping a plastic container into the microwave?

While technology has certainly enhanced life in many ways, many seniors fondly remember “the good old days” when life was so much simpler. And yet, technology marches on, with some interesting – and perhaps over the top! – interventions meant to make life easier for us as we age.

Take a look at these examples of up-and-coming home care technology innovations and let us know what you think!

  • Social: Many seniors are already enjoying Skype sessions to stay close to the grandkids, but the next generation of online socializing may be able to allow for projection directly on a wall in the home. Just picture distant family and friends all able to “gather together” on the dining room wall for dinner!
  • Transportation: One of the most challenging aspects of aging can be the realization that it’s time to give up the car keys for safety reasons. However, automotive technology is now steering in the direction of self-driving cars operated through simple text commands, enabling seniors to drive longer, and more safely.
  • Health: Advances in health-related technology are truly mindboggling, including the possibilities for a bathroom mirror that can scan one’s face and detect heart disease, stroke and cardiovascular disease warning signs, and even a toilet that can report its owner’s vital signs remotely to a call center.

While the evolution of home care technology is certainly exciting to watch, what will be the cost – both physically and psychologically for seniors? Dr. Joseph Coughlin, notes that as a society we should imagine an older age that is more than simply living longer, but rather about living better. Read more of Dr. Coughlin’s Wall Street Journal article on how technology will transform aging.

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