When Helping Is Too Much: The Balance of Adult Children and Senior Independence


As you go through life’s stages, your independence can take on different meanings. They can be significant stages, such as leaving your parents’ home or getting married, or smaller stages, such as completing tasks you didn’t think you could manage. Then as you age, independence takes on yet another form—being able to stay in your own home safely and securely. This desire to be at home can remain the greatest wish of many seniors, in spite of their state of health or capacity to function independently, even in the face of injury, illness and chronic conditions.

For adult children, providing care for aging parents at home can be complex; bringing physical, emotional and social concerns to bear. Adult children may increase their responsibility as caregiver for an aging parent, becoming more and more involved in the daily tasks this crucial role demands, all while maintaining the balance of senior independence.

It’s not difficult to get swept up in the role of caregiver when the circumstance emerges—your parents have done so much for you, so that when they come to a point in their lives when they need extra assistance, it’s instinctive to want to do anything you can to help. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to keep in mind that, for the majority of seniors, retaining independence is a key component in their desire to age at home. While your efforts may be well meaning, it can oftentimes be easy to go from caring for aging parents to doing everything for them. And frequently, this good intentioned hands-on caregiving can have a negative effect on inspiring self-sufficiency and overall day-to-day freedom.

As your parents’ caregiver, you should endeavor to promote senior independence and not take over. The in home care services team at Heaven at Home Senior Care knows that…

  • Independence makes it possible for older adults to continue contributing to the world around them, and feel good about that impact
  • Self-sufficiency provides seniors with a sense of fulfillment and self-worth, imperative during their later years
  • Being able to accomplish some tasks independently promotes future and continuing self-reliance—if they can do this, they can probably handle that!
  • Senior independence combats discouragement and feelings of uselessness, even in the wake of illness, injury and the overall challenges of aging

Put yourself in your parents’ shoes. How would you react if another individual took over tasks that you felt capable of doing? Allowing your senior loved ones to do things on their own provides a sense of purpose and can help them feel self-assured. By bringing in professional assistance  from people who specialize in home care services for seniors, you can help enhance your parents’ feelings of empowerment and ability to function effectively at home. Heaven at Home Senior Care, a leading Dallas home health care provider, can help you and your loved one when needs arise.

Our skilled staff provide a broad range of senior home care services, allowing your loved ones to focus on what they can do, and helping them with tasks they would rather not do or now have a hard time accomplishing. Our in home care services include light housework and meal preparation, as well as general assistance with everyday tasks. By engaging the services of our staff to provide this type of care, both you and your parents can better work together to foster self-reliance, independence and an enhanced overall quality of life. Contact Heaven at Home Senior Care online or by phone at 866-381-0500 today to learn more.